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Used Bikes

How to Buy a Used Bike

Check out our guide for how to buy an inexpensive bike for basic transportation.

Online Ads

Used inventory at Waterloo Cycles

Waterloo ships to the 48 states for $60.
Just click to order.   For questions write to Waterloo, not to us.

ATB/Mountain Bikes

$249  Fuji Nevada 5.0 23"
$329  GT Tequestra 19"
$899  Kona Explosif 18"

Road Bikes

$199  Fuji Club 48cm
$699  Fuji Newest 2.0 XS
$699  SE Racing PK Ripper DC 51cm
$699  Specialized TriCross 56cm

BMX/Kids Bikes

BMX/Kids Bikes

$299  SE Racing Quadangle

Clearance Bikes

$429  Fuji Nevada 2.0 15"
$429  Fuji Nevada 2.0 23"
$599  Fuji Absolute LX 23"
$899  Kona Mano Mano 14"
Inventory as of May 13th, 2017. All bikes subject to prior sale, limited to stock on hand, not responsible for typographical errors, prices may change without notice, batteries not included.

Another site by Michael Bluejay...

Magick Supplies. I set up this site for a friend, trying to make it exceptionally easy to use. I aggressively minimized the amount of clicking and scrolling it takes to get around the site, and to check out. The shop has magic oils, deity oils, incense, dream pillows, massage oils, and the like, for those who like those sorts of things.

Google picks the ads,
not me.