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Traffic Laws Affecting Bicyclists & Pedestrians

We're still building this section, but here are some important pieces of information:

  • Bicyclists are generally subject to the same laws as motor vehicles (e.g., must ride in the same direction of traffic, must stop at stop signs and red lights, etc.).

  • Most states have adopted the Uniform Traffic Code, so traffic laws are pretty much the same from state to state, though occasionally there are exceptions. Check your own state code for the specific laws in your area.

  • The Uniform Traffic Code requires cyclists to have a white headlight and a red rear reflector at night. Some states allow a red blinking light to substitute for a red reflector.

  • Some cities impose additional requirements beyond the Uniform Traffic Code. For example, Las Vegas requires nighttime cyclists to have a red taillight (not just a red reflector).

  • Laws for the State of Texas and the City of Austin are available at BicycleAustin.info.

  • A good article about whether motorists are required to yield to pedestrians even when there's no crosswalk is available at VeloNews.com.

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