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The Eddy Merckx Story (1974, 110 min.) “This movie takes the form of a documentary of Eddy Merckx, the greatest cyclist in the sport. Except for some of the accompanying music and creepy sound effects, it shows the life of a premier cyclist in the early seventies, when the Lemonds and Armstrongs didn’t quite bring the visibility of the sport to the US.” Available on the same DVD along with The Greatest Show on Earth. (IMDB, World Cycling)

The Greatest Show on Earth (1974, 75 min.) “This brilliant documentary shows the majestic beauty that is the Giro d’Italia. It’s said that Eddy Merckx’s Molteni boss wept like a child in the arms of his beaming star, who went on to win cycling’s magical triple crown by taking the Tour de France and the World Championships.” Available on the same DVD along with The Eddy Merckx Story. (World Cycling)

The Hard Road (2003) Chronicles a professional racing team through a year on the U.S. racing circuit. (

Hardihood (2001, 75 min.) Women’s mountain biking. “Brave women in their natural environment: the dirt. Some of them, like Missy and Marla, take on the pro downhill mountain biking circuit – flying down steep, gnarly trails at 50+ mph on tricked out custom bikes.”

The Impossible Hour (1974, 48 min., Danish) About Ole Ritter’s attempt to break the hour record in Mexico City. Available on the same DVD along with The Stars and the Watercarriers. (World Cycling, IMDB)

Pro (2004) “PRO takes viewers on an unforgettable ride into the ultra-elite world of the superstars of professional bike racing: Bobby Julich, Chris Horner, Freddie Rodriguez, Mike Sayers, Gord Fraser, Henk Vogels, Mark McCormack, Jonas Carney, Trent Klasna, Michael Creed, Erik Saunders, Tim Johnson and more. These superstars and their teams star in PRO, director Jamie Paolinetti’s follow up film to the cult phenomenon, The Hard Road. (

The Stars and the Watercarriers (1974, 90 min., Danish) “follows the fortunes of Danish cyclist Ole Ritter in the 1973 Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy). The film’s undoubted star, however, is the great Eddy Merckx, who dominates the race from start to finish. The film as a whole gives a good insight into the ins and outs of a 3 week stage race, explaining the roles and aims of the different riders in the race.” Available on the same DVD along with The Impossible Hour. (World Cycling, IMDB)

A Sunday in Hell (1976, aka “Forårsdag i Helvede, En”, Denmark) About a one-day bike race, Paris-Roubaix. (IMDB)

Races filmed with helmet-cams

NYC Urban Bike Race (2004, directed by Lucan Brunelle) These are some homemade videos shot from a helmet-cam of a bunch of cyclists zooming through Manhattan with a total disregard for traffic laws, the safety of pedestrians, and themselves. (watch video)

BicycleCam: Golden Colorado Circuit Race (2000) How would you like to watch a bicycle race in first person? Meaning, from the perspective of the bike! Thanks to John Bickmore, you can. Bickmore is a professional racer and films the races as he’s riding. (What dedication, since the added weight of the camera has to slow him down a bit and hurt his ranking a bit.) Here’s his description of the movie of the Golden Colorado Circuit Race: “You race at the front the entire race, up and down the hill on top of Table Top Mountain. You are fighting the wind and the racers and attacking each other! Even Vaughter’s attack is sucked up in just 1/2 a lap. The first 800m of the race is the calm before the storm. Then the speed goes up and the attacks try, and try and try the remainder of the race. In-between attacks, a group of 4 get away and near the end a group of 2 hold a gap to the line. You field sprint for 7th place.” Order exclusively from

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