Cars & Energy Use


We have stats about the energy used by autos in our Almanac.

The End of Cheap Oil

The world as we know it is about to change dramatically as the price of oil surges, never to come down again, ever.

How much energy we use

Overconsumption of oil means that more people will die as more wars are fought over an increasingly shrinking supply. The U.S. alone uses 46% of all the gasoline used in the world. (more…)

Cost of Gas

The true cost of gas. Americans whine about the “high” price of gas while not realizing what a sweet deal they’re getting.

Gas Price Watch. While Rome burns, Americans gleefully search out the cheapest way to throw the proverbial gasoline on the fire.

Bicycling wastes gas?

Bicycling can actually waste quite a bit of fossil fuels, if the bicyclist’s fuel comes from animal foods, since so much fossil fuel is required to produce non-vegetarian diets. (article)