Cygolite Metro 700 USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Cygolite 700 ReviewEvery cyclist that rides at night, at dawn or at dusk needs a strong reliable light in order to ensure they stay safe and are seen by other road users. One of our favorites, as Rob has talked about before, is the Cygolite brand of lights. In the past, we discussed the 400 and 500 lumens version of this light but here I’d like to tell you all about one of Cygolite’s newer models, the Cygolite 700, and talk about why upgrading to this light is worth it.

For those who may not be familiar with this product already, the Cygolite is a small, black, light that is rechargeable and that clips onto your handlebars to deliver a reliable bright light as well as offering its user the option of switching between 6 different modes of light;

– Low
– Medium
– High
– Steadypulse
– Daylighting
– Walking

The light always starts off in low mode, and the user can use a simple one-touch button to cycle through the different light modes. Medium and high are, of course, simply brighter versions of low while Steadypulse alerts motorists to your presence at night while still lighting your path consistently. In Day lighting mode, this light emits bright beams of light to alert motor vehicles to your presence on even the brightest of days (think the sun glinting off a reflator or a mirror).

With so many useful modes installed in the lower lumen lights, we wondered why the company made the 700 as well – until we tried it and realized that innovation, improvement, and constantly pushing to be an industry trendsetter is simply a core part of Cygolite’s company culture.