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Michael Bluejay, 2-98

A friend and I recently had occason to drive through Dallas during rush hour, and I had my first opportunity to see how an HOV lane worked. Basically, it didn't. We passed hundreds and hundreds of single-occupant cars in the regular traffic lanes as we zoomed by in the practically-empty HOV lane. It struck me as really crazy: Whenever I try to encourage people to ride bikes more and drive less, they always whine to me about how 'convenient' it is to drive. Well, exactly how 'convenient' is it to sit in your car at a complete standstill, adding 30-60 minutes to your morning commute? That's convenience?! The experience demonstrated to me how far people were willing to go to avoid carpooling. They were willing to sit there like morons, stuck hopelessly in traffic, for the 'luxury' of being the only person in their vehicle. Although I was disappointed that the HOV lanes didn't seem to work, I was at least pleased to realize that all those greedy motorists were being punished with even more traffic congestion, since the HOV lane meant that there was one fewer lane to move all those cars.