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"I remember biking out Bee Cave Road to get to Hamilton Pool back when it was only one lane either way. I would compare it to going to the beach for the day and getting threatened with a gun by every third person you ran across." -- Stuart Gourd, 2-11-99

"The problem bicyclists have faced in Austin, it seems, rests more in broadening minds rather than streets." -- James Hitselberger, 7-98

"It seems that the best way to avoid getting a ticket when running a red light in your car is to kill a cyclist while you're doing it." -- Patrick Goetz, 10-98

"It breaks my heart to see police and safety wonks saying NOTHING to kid cyclists except 'Put your helmet on', as if a plastic hat was some kind of Star Trek technology that would surround our soft little bodies with a force field capable of repelling two tons at 30 mph (let alone 40-70mph)." -- De Clarke, 2-01

"Since I've become more observant of how bikes and cars interact, I've decided that bicyclists have two major safety threats: cars and themselves." -- Lee Nichols, 1-00

"Not all drivers are maniacal, over-consuming bourgeois bent on the destruction of us, our planet and our way of life. Just some of them." -- Dave, ef88@swbell.net, 3-00

(On riding on busy streets.) "Sure cyclists have a right to the road. But that's a small consolation when you're dead." -- Michael Bluejay, 1-00

"Bikes shouldn't have to come to a complete stop at Stop signs because bikes are fundamentally different from cars. Requiring bikes to behave like cars is like requiring a leprechaun to behave like an gynecologist." -- Michael Bluejay, 2-95

"What's the worst thing Critical Mass can do? It can cause a mild inconvenience to someone, once a month at most. If a driver is thereby provoked to declare open season on individual cyclists that aren't in the way, then I submit that there is something wrong with the driver, not the protesters. Probably what is wrong is that the driver is what my wife calls 'bad dumb' -- incurably stupid." -- Bill Canfield, 1-00

"The reason people hate cyclists is because they are inconvenienced by them. Ever notice how worked up folks get when they can't find their TV remote control? Threatening convenience is worse than the most inflamatory blasphemy. " -- Lane Wimberly, 2-01

"In this city, it's easier to go to jail for biking on the sidewalk than for killing a cyclist with your car." -- Michael Bluejay, 8-99

One time when I was in a Critical Mass ride, some guy called me a "faggot motherfucker." Since he was stopped in traffic by the ride, I took the time to point out to him that if I were gay and had a proclivity toward sex with a parent, wouldn't it be my FATHER, rather than my mother? He responded with another epithet rather than a reasoned analysis of my comment. -- Stuart Gourd, 8-01