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Summer 2009

  • Added "Bike Ride to the Moon" by Dukes of Stratosphear to the bicycle music page.
  • Added "Training Wheel Rag" by the Asylum Street Spankers to the bicycle music page.
  • Added the band Schwinnotation (which uses bicycles themselves as musical instruments) to the bicycle music page.

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring/Summer 2008

Winter 2007/2008

  • Added the Contested Streets, Road Rage, Yellow Bike Project, and Home on a Bicycle to the documentaries page.

Fall 2007

  • Added "The Kickstand Song" to the bike music page.

Spring 2007

Winter 2006/2007

Spring/Summer 2006

Winter 2005/2006

  • Added a semi-recumbent bike to the unusual bikes page
  • Added NYC urban bike race videos to the movies page
  • Added a seven-person bikes to the unusual bikes page
  • Added Bike Rock to the music page.
  • Added "I Ride My Bike" by Cracker to the music page.
  • Listed a free lending library as a potential source of bicycle movies

Fall 2005

  • Added pedal-powered machines to the bikes page

Summer 2005

Spring 2005

Winter 2004/2005

Fall 2004

Summer 2004

January 2004