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2003 Supporters

Kathy Coons $50/yr.   Mike Librik / Easy Street Recumbents $25/mo.     Elliot Kralj $25

Greg Geisler $50/yr.   Dana Price $100

Chalo Colina $25    Charles McNeil $25   Dave Westenbarger $25   David Lambert $25

Michael O'Shea $25   Patrick Goetz $25   Ezra Teter $20    Jim Summers $11  

Michael Shackleford $5   Robert Mhyre $5

2002 Supporters

Kathy Coons $50/yr.   Mike Librik / Easy Street Recumbents $25/mo

Dave Troxell $100   Marilyn Shashoua $25 Jay Weinshenker $25   Bobby Sledge $25

Elliot Kralj $20

"I want to thank you so much for the work that you do. I admire and appreciate your activism, dedication, web site, news letter, etc. $50 per year is a small amount to pay to help you with this important work, I wish I could give more. AND, thank you for the email account with the bicycleaustin address. The web site and the newsletter are terrific!"
-- Kathy Coons

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